Imagine having a community of purpose-driven women working together with you to help you truly thrive.

Working together towards taking intentional control of their lives, their personal growth, and the success of their chosen vocation, Blooming Ladies strive to make a positive difference in the world.


The Blooming Ladies community is amazing!

This event was entirely different from the rest of the networking events I've attended! If you are someone who is launching your business or wants to expand then the Blooming Ladies community is amazing!

-Deepti Umarani
Owner StyleDcode


Thank you so much

For the opportunity to be part of such a fantastic, inspiring, motivational and collaborative group of people.

Anca Dan, Calgary 

It was very inspiring to see powerful women holding their own and sharing from their hearts.

“I left with rave reviews… motivated to take a leap of faith and act.…the organizer really has an eye for inspiring the human spirit

- Suzy-Anna Manager Starbucks, Calgary

Interactive, fun and empowering

to meet so many girls with great vision and are purpose-driven. You could see everyone having a spark in their eyes while talking about their business.

- Lucica Suciu, Managing Partner ( Sales & marketing) Alta Sartoria, UAE

I attended the Passion, Purpose and Profit workshop the first time and I was so impacted that I kept coming back!

When I was starting out in my coaching and training business, I met Wunmi the founder of Blooming Ladies for mentoring and she guided me on the path to success in my field.

- Kate Onakomaiya Director, Blooming Ladies Port Harcourt
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