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Passion to Profit Conference and Tradeshow

27th January 2018, Coast Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre 1316 33 St NE,Calgary

These are what the participants had to say about Blooming Ladies’ Passion to Profit Conference /Tradeshow

“I attended the even unsure of what to expect as I was invited by a friend to meet like minded women. I must say I left with raving reviews about how motivated I was to take a leap of faith and act. It was very inspiring to see powerful women holding their own and sharing from their hearts. I was beyond taken a back by how I felt after the seminar. Thanks to the organizer she really has en eye for inspiring the human spirit” -Suzy-Anna

“It was a amazing and inspirational event. Having the key speakers really impassioned me as an entrepreneur”  –    Jenice

“Nothing impressed me more than the way the event was put together, run and concluded. Wunmi may say many things to relate with every woman in the room but i think she represents class, candour, transparency, emotional intelligence and a special pull that makes others interested in her message. I appreciated her humility, diversified guest panel selection and the semi casual approaches to empowering, uplifting and encouraging women from all walks of life. I especially liked that she spoke from the heart and was able to moderate discussions with the listener in mind” – Rose

“As a vendor, I found it a great opportunity to connect with people and introduce the empowering message of Beautycounter to women who hadn’t heard it before and I felt a sense of community with the other women in the room as we build each other up and encourage each other and support each other in our dreams and goals”  – Melanie

Are you a female entrepreneur in Calgary? Or are you aspiring to become one? Then save the date: 27th of  January  2018Passion 2 Profit Conference/Tradeshow. Come get information to make wise decisions while you glean from the rich wealth of knowledge of our panelist who are successful and experienced in various fields. Come get some fresh inspiration for your business, ideas to take it to the next level. Come network with other business women , put yourself and your business out there and meet your potential clients.Imagine yourself in this

Imagine being  in  a room filled with amazing ladies just like you…. Women who are caring, passionate, creative, ambitious, intelligent, self-driven and fun loving and you are one of them! The atmosphere is filled with purpose and positivity. Everyone’s together for one goal, one reason, to make this world a better place as gifts are unleashed and dreams are accomplished. Your heart beats for joy, you know this means a liberating change in your life, you can smell it in the air, you can taste it, you can feel it!  You would be inspired to do the same! Whatever you do, don’t miss this conference!

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Participant- $27

Vendors – $127


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