Bloom Monthly Events

Much more than the amazing opportunity for networking they provide, our monthly luncheons are designed to expand both your knowledge and your horizons. Join other Blooming Ladies for a time of learning, inspiration and networking.

Edmonton’s Monthly Luncheon

Date: June 7th 2018

Time: 11: 30 am

Venue: Hilton Garden Inn West Edmonton,

17610 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton, AB T5S 1A2

Topic: How to Co-Create the Future You

Your total sum of beliefs today are co-creating the “Today You” Therefore, to co-create the “Future You” you need to dissolve the limiting beliefs that are no longer supporting you and magnify the current beliefs that are empowering you.

Takeaways are:

1). Identifying where core beliefs are hiding

2). The importance of forgiveness

3). Why personal development is essential in creating the “Future You” that is magnificent and Powerful!





Calgary’s Bloom Monthly Event

Your Style, Your Strength, Your Success

Only 7% of a person’s judgement is based on what you say to them. The remaining 93% is based on your appearance and body language. In an online world, the 93% is almost totally based on your appearance and image. What opportunities, clients and revenue are you missing out on, when you don’t harness the power of your personal image and style?

  1. Identify what are you unconsciously saying to potential clients with your image
  2. Other benefits you may be missing out on
  3. How you can harness the power of your style for your success.

Time:  6:30 pm on 30th of May 2018
Venue: Vin Room West, 8561 8A Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3H 0V5


 Registration fee – $27


* No refund after payment


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