Blooming Ladies is a collaborative venture with an all-encompassing aim to establish an uplifting and supportive sisterhood of enlightened, empowered women who view life as an ongoing journey towards achieving one’s potential, and becoming the best that they can be.

Working together towards taking intentional control of their lives, their personal growth, and the success of their chosen vocation, Blooming Ladies strive to make a positive difference in the world.

While many women’s groups focus solely on business networking, or personal socializing, Blooming Ladies takes a more holistic approach, providing insight, inspiration and “EmpowerMentoring” in every aspect, inside and out, of a women’s life, whether you are a committed career woman, a stay-at-home mom, or an independent entrepreneur.


To “bloom” is to flourish, to thrive; to come to be in full beauty, power or health. That is the outcome that, together, we strive to attain for every member of our dynamic, revitalizing and nurturing community of “wonder women”.

Are you ready for a refreshing revolution in the realm of women’s networking?

Welcome to our inspiring, inclusive environment where women are encouraged to uncompromisingly be themselves, to step into their place of power, and fearlessly live their dreams.

Come join us, Explore your Extraordinary!


Wunmi Akinlosotu, founder of the innovative and inspiring “sisterhood”, Blooming Ladies.  

To “bloom” is to flourish, to thrive; to come to be in full beauty, power or health. That is exactly what Wunmi wants for her members, for all women, to experience in their business, personal and every area of their lives. It was this divine calling that motivated her to create an inclusive, supportive community of insight, opportunity and possibility where women, no longer alone on their journey, could feel free to discover their talents, their passions, to bring to life their own dreams and be the best that they can be.

Wunmi’s own educational and career path has spanned the globe, taking her from Africa to Europe, the Middle East and, now, into North America. Along the way, she attained her degree in management and accounting, and a Master’s in Business Administration, subsequently adding certifications in professional coaching, and Neuro Linguistic Programming to her vast repertoire of viable skills.

Certainly, she is well poised to realize her own vision of mentoring women of all ages, acting as a catalyst for their enlightenment and empowerment, and expanding her revolutionary and revitalizing Blooming Ladies to be the premier women’s group internationally.



I especially liked that Wunmi spoke from the heart

Nothing impressed me more than the way the event was put together, run and concluded. Wunmi may say many things to relate with every woman in the room but i think she represents class, candour, transparency, emotional intelligence and a special pull that makes others interested in her message. I appreciated her humility, diversified guest panel selection and the semi casual approaches to emporwering, uplifting and encouraging women from all walks of life. I especially liked that she spoke from the heart and was able to moderate discussions with the listener in mind.

- Rose

Wunmi really has an eye for inspiring the human spirit.

“I left with rave reviews… motivated to take a leap of faith and act. It was very inspiring to see powerful women holding their own and sharing from their hearts. …the organizer really has an eye for inspiring the human spirit

- Suzy-Ann

Can't wait for the next one!

This event was inspiring to women wanting something more in their lives.

- Laura Dennison

Thanks Wunmi for giving me 45minutes of your time

I felt comfortable talking to you and you were very attentive. I was also impressed with the way you summarized everything I said. Our conversation tonight has helped reignite the flame within me and I'm confident to discover to start doing more. God bless you.

- Benny Adeola

Wunmi is an exceptional coach and Mentor.

When I was starting out in my coaching and training business, I met her for mentoring and she guided me on the path to success in my field. I attended her Passion, Purpose and Profit workshop the first time and I was so impacted that I had to return the second time. She is so committed to helping people find their purpose and also profiting from it.

- Kate Onakomaiya Certified  Coach, Leadership and Development Trainer  Member, The John Maxwell Team

Wunmi is a very warm and professional leader.

She is a great presenter and takes time to listen and help others.  Her interest in dreams and helping others achieve their best is something she is very passionate about.  All her kindness and sharing of talents is much appreciated.  Thanks!

- Anne Allan Creative Artist and Author

Wunmi gently and subtly pushed me in the direction my strengths lay.

Many mentors recognize something in you that you, yourself do not. She helped me to clearly articulate and define what it was i was passionate about by encouraging me to look within myself, even back to my childhood days. She provided insightful and compassionate guidance which helped me into choosing my present business part. Today, I am a fulfilled and a happier me, because of the classes/sessions I had with her. As I set out on a new path of being self employed and an entrepreneur, I know it wouldn't have been a dream come true without Wunmi. Thank you Wunmi,

- Achi Ogar Fruittylicious juices and cocktail


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