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Hello Lovely Lady!

I’m Wunmi, a certified life coach for women and a Midwife for your dreams and passion.

I help women bring together their gifts, values, and dreams so they can find the clarity, motivation, and strategy they need to step into their life purpose and bring their passion to life.

I know that you desire to create a lifestyle and business that you love. You’re ready to make an impact, one that you’ve always dreamed of.

I’m right here, willing to help you believe and achieve all of these.

Together, we can accomplish the BIG dream you’re yearning for. No longer do you have to feel what you’re currently feeling. Unfulfilled, confused, overwhelmed, stuck, discouraged — ready to let go of your God given dream

It’s my mission to help you bring your unique gifts to the world, be your best while living your life’s purpose passionately.

Meet Wunmi

I’m here to help you give birth to the dream that’s living inside of you.

As a certified Life Coach for women like you, I help you mesh your gifts, talents, and passion together so you can live out who you’re called to be.

Your talents, gifts, skills and life experiences are unique to you. I can help you bring together those gifts, values, and dreams so you can find the clarity, motivation, and strategy you need to step into your life purpose and achieve what you love doing.

I’m Wunmi, a certified life coach for women who want to move from stuck and confused to fulfilled and making a difference. But you can also call me a midwife for your dreams.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in pursuing your dreams.

For many years, I knew I had a purpose to fulfill but couldn’t place my finger on what it was.I knew I had greatness inside of me, but my reality had nothing to show for it. I had a God given dream, but it just felt like I was stuck trying to swim in mud.

I couldn’t find my own voice. I wanted to make a difference while doing what I loved, but nothing seemed to work, I had so many ideas but was confused on what was the right path to trail.

Now that I’ve come out of that rut, I’m here to help you discover and amplify your own voice, give you the wings you need to soar and walk by your side while you bring birth to your purpose.


Professional Bio

A Coach, Motivational speaker, a wife, a mom to 3 lovely kids and a lover of Jesus. She has conducted series of workshops in West Africa and now North America aimed at helping the participants discover and turn their passion to profit and Revamp their dreams.

Her passion is to help you bring your God-given dream and passion to life, she believes her calling is to be a midwife for your dreams and passion.

Wunmi is the founder of Blooming Ladies which was born out of a desire to see women flourish, bring their dreams and passion to life and be their best self in any place or circumstance they find themselves.

She’s a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) and a Certified Coach, she has an MBA from Heriot Watts University in Scotland. Wunmi now resides in Calgary with her family

I’m here to help you make the impact you’ve always dreamed of making, cheer you on until you bring your passion to life, and believe in you every step of the way.


For me, this is more than just my business, it’s my calling.

Your dream has been locked up and stored for far too long. It’s been in your closet, trying to tiptoe on out from hiding. It’s been covered by your life’s many responsibilities. You’ve been overwhelmed by the long to-do list over the years…

But now that the dust has settled…there’s a longing in your heart for your dream again. Without a doubt, you know that it’s your time to make a comeback.

There’s this voice inside that says,


Let’s work together to bring your unique gifts to the world!

What my clients are saying…

Thanks Wunmi for giving me 45minutes of your time

I felt comfortable talking to you and you were very attentive. I was also impressed with the way you summarized everything I said. Our conversation tonight has helped reignite the flame within me and I’m confident to discover to start doing more. God bless you.




– Benny Adeola

Wunmi is an exceptional coach and Mentor.

When I was starting out in my coaching and training business, I met her for mentoring and she guided me on the path to success in my field. I attended her Passion, Purpose and Profit workshop the first time and I was so impacted that I had to return the second time. She is so committed to helping people find their purpose and also profiting from it.




– Kate Onakomaiya Certified  Coach, Leadership and Development Trainer  Member, The John Maxwell Team

Wunmi is a very warm and professional leader.

She is a great presenter and takes time to listen and help others.  Her interest in dreams and helping others achieve their best is something she is very passionate about.  All her kindness and sharing of talents is much appreciated.  Thanks!




– Anne Allan Creative Artist and Author

Wunmi gently and subtly pushed me in the direction my strengths lay.

Many mentors recognize something in you that you, yourself do not. She helped me to clearly articulate and define what it was i was passionate about by encouraging me to look within myself, even back to my childhood days. She provided insightful and compassionate guidance which helped me into choosing my present business part. Today, I am a fulfilled and a happier me, because of the classes/sessions I had with her. As I set out on a new path of being self employed and an entrepreneur, I know it wouldn’t have been a dream come true without Wunmi. Thank you Wunmi,




– Achi Ogar Fruittylicious juices and cocktail

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